The landscape (town or village) Community membership - @FUORIEXPO

The landscape (town or village) Community membership  - MISFF @FUORIEXPO

What is the nature of the relationship between the young Italians and their place in life? They have a sense of belonging?

What relationship are young people of foreign origin with their current place of life? They feel towards it a sense of belonging? And keep well to the country of origin?                                                                              

What role is the landscape in the process of building the identity of adolescents and in the creation of local linkages and the sense of belonging to the place?

Is interpreted as the "landscape idea" from the boys: what they mean and what ideas you associate.

"The sense of belonging to the place» is a complex feeling, determined mainly by social factors and the aesthetic quality of the landscape. It is in fact mostly about emotional and symbolic meanings attributed to the landscape: an important role in this regard is covered by the memories and experiences that kids relate to it or its elements and making a significant identity reference, regardless of its aesthetic quality. Also the time and age are important factors in building the sense of belonging.


* The Values and heritage of a community,  Marcello Zeppi MISFF President

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