Program 2013

19 October

17.30 Opening ceremony

18:00 Women in Cinema: “Female Variables: from Mother to Daughter, the Stories of Women in Three Generations” by Barbara Enrichi

20 October

15.00 Film Contest Screening

18:00 Documentary “Fabrizio Misce Caselli: An athlete, a hero, a man” by Alessio Focardi

19:00 “Virinoj” by Isabel Russinova

21 October

15:00 Film Contest Screening

15:00 Round Table “World-Wide Language”

15:00  Workshop “Arts And CINEMA” by Cineclub Montecatini

21.00 Fiction “Magic Moment” by Marco Esposito

22 October

10:00 Live Conference: “Cinema & Interprise: Internazionale-Road Show Promotion”

15:00 Round Table “Filmvideo Festival: Economic and Cultural Influence on Montecatini and Pistoia”

21:00 FilmVideo Italian Road Show: FilmVideo at CTC Corte Tripoli Cinematografica (Pisa)

23 October

9:30 Cinema Conference & Training "The Influence of Media In Everyday Life and in


17:00 Presentation of FilmVideo Festival at the New San Giorgio Library (PIstoia)  


24 October

15:00 Workshop: “Lessons Of Cinema By Giuseppe Ferlito” - Imagina Film School

19:00 Cinema Stories by Domenico Costanzo

21:00 Film Contest Screening

25 October

15:00 Film Contest Screening

18:30 “Sonia’s Story” by Guarnieri

20:45 “Lily - Universal Serial Love” by Massimo De Matthaeis

21:15 “Round Trip” by Alessandro Paci,

26 October

10:00 FEDIC Space (Italian Cineclub Federation)

15:00 “Looking at East” Section: Film Contest Screening

17:30 The Major of Montecatini Giuseppe Bellandi meets the delegation of Ekaterinburg

18:30 “An Italian’s Adventures in Ural” by Julia Dyachuk

21:15 Film Contest Screening

27 October

10:00 Film Contest Screening

15:30 AWARDS