Programma MISFF - FEDIC

Silenzi by Paolo Fantini (Cineclub FEDIC ISCA, Milano) – 3’

The sounds of the world, listened through our eyes. Not so odd and uncommon as it seems.


Trasparenze by Giorgio Sabbatini (Cineclub FEDIC Piemonte, Torino) – 10’

In a world in which violence and intolerance always find a way to show us how violent is the mankind and how inefficient is justice, it is so important to re-establish a contact with nature, with the help of our friends, to resize the struggle for life and to deeply reflect on the injustices and the sufferings inflicted by insane minds, in search of absolute power, on the oppressed peoples.


Nonsense by Rolf Mandolesi (Cineclub FEDIC Super 8 & Video Club, Merano) – 7’

Yet another useless muscle-exibition of the Schützen (sharpshooter association) in Bolzano. A classic example of the historical do-nothing policy.


Una Visita Inattesa by Alessandro Brucini, Roberto Merlino, Manuele Moriconi (Cineclub FEDIC Corte Tripoli Cinematografica, Pisa) – 4’

Same screenplay, three different films, three different directors.


Nowhere by Davide Abate ed Enrico Caroti Ghelli (Cineclub FEDIC Corte Tripoli Cinematografica, Pisa) – 4’

To be here, now. Nothing simpler than this. We just have to remember we forgot it.


Rapiti by Manuele Moriconi (Cineclub FEDIC Corte Tripoli Cinematografica, Pisa) – 1’

Two characters, mysteriously closed in a dark place. Who did kidnap them? What will happen to them?