Programma The Best of MISFF 2013


L’Amour begue

20 min. 00 sec. - 2012 Switzerland

Regia/Director: Jan Czarlewski

Tim is 23 years old. He stammers a lot. His friend is a charmer. For Tim, seducing a girl is an ordeal.


Auf das Schone Leben

18 min. 15sec. - 2012 Germania/Germany

Regia/Director: Marlene Blumert

An unemployed, one night, a supermarket, a ‘professional’ game.



14 min. - 2012 Argentina

Regia/Director: Nicolás Torchinsky

While are practicing for a concert 8 musicians move around in a weird and choreographic way. Why?



31 min. 45 sec. - 2012 Russia

Regia/Director: Timofei Zhalnin

Two students are participating in an international festival with their choreographic performance. Girls believe that their dance will win the hearts of metropolitan audience and the jury...


Nouakchott P.K.0

18 min. 00 sec. - 2011 Francia/Mauritania

Regia/Director: Julien Fiorentino et Stanislas Duhau

Nouakchott Point Kilometre 0: a group of young Mauritanians goes to meet the inhabitants of Nouakchott to find out how their activities form part of the urban environment of the Mauritanian capital.


Within Within

4 min. - 2011 Gran Bretagna

Regia/Director: Sharon Liu

There are many things that we can not choice in our life starting from our parents. This movie is about my feelings about Hong Kong and its complicated relationship with China.


Wallflower Tango

7 min. 14 sec. - 2011 Germania/Germany

Regia/Director: Wolfram Kampffmewyer

A single woman discovers a thief while is robbing her diamond. The fight becomes a passionate tango.



6 min. 00 sec. - 2012 Russia

Regia/Director: Natalya Chernyshsheva

One day the little African boy who dreams of snow receives a letter from a distant land. And inside of it - a snowflake.