Official Selection 2018


  1. The Christmas Rabbit Le Lapin de Noël by Christophe Lopez-Huici, France, 2018
  2. Corky  by Ty Primosch, United States, 2017
  3. Echo Eho by Boriša Simović, Kosta Rakićević, Serbia, 2018
  4. Two Balloons  by Mark C. Smith, United States, 2017


  1. My mother's words La Chatouilleuse d'Oreilles by Amelia Nanni, Belgium, 2018
  2. 'a Lampara  by Riccardo Federico, Italy, 2017
  3. A Land  by Federico Telerman, Nicolas Uboldi, Argentina, 2017
  4. A Place In The Sun - 110 years after the genocide Platz an der Sonne - 110 Jahre nach dem Völkermord by Christian Zipfel, Germany, 2018
  5. Child, Disrupted  by Krista Riihimaki, United States, 2018
  6. Kiyoko’s Storehouse Kiyoko no kura by Tomomichi Nakamura, Japan, 2018
  7. Lotte that Silhouette Girl  by Carla Patullo, Elizabeth Beecherl, United States, 2018
  8. Maria's Silence Il Silenzio di Maria by Cesare Bedogne, Greece, 2017
  9. Monsoon  by Sajeed A, India, 2017
  10. My Life Without the Other Elämäni ilman toista by Vesa Kuosmanen, Finland, 2018
  11. Tears of the Olive Tränen der Olive by Johannes Ziegler, Germany, Italy, 2018
  12. The Dry Valley  by Julie Lunde Lillesæter, Norway, 2018
  13. The Last Missionary: Requiem for Father Sidotti L'ultimo Missionario: Requiem per Padre Sidotti by Jiro Kumakura, Japan, 2018
  14. The Lonely Road راه بی عبور by Mohammadreza Hafezi, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2017
  15. The Narrator Il Raccontatore by Giancarlo Mogavero, Italy, 2018
  16. The Red Tree  by Paul Rowley, Ireland, 2018


  1. A Live A Live by Motoyuki Itabashi, Japan, 2018
  2. Afterword  by Boris Seewald, Germany, 2017
  3. Circles of Confusion  by Jason Britski, Canada, 2017
  4. Exhalation Exhalación by Al Díaz, Spain, 2018
  5. Le Chat/ The Cat  by Xi CHEN, China, 2018
  6. Pas De Deux, Froid  by Carles Pamies, Spain, 2017
  7. Sonja  by Maroš Milčík, Slovakia, 2018
  8. Unworldly  by Sarah El Bakkouri, Cross Li, Canada, 2017
  9. You're Dead, America  by Jovan Todorovic, United States, 2018


  1. 08 giugno '76 08 giugno '76 by Gianni Saponara, Italy, 2017
  2. "Coplillas" for Bombay Coplillas por Bombay by Jaume Miranda, Spain, 2018
  3. A Doll's Hug  by Rob Chihhwen Lo, Taiwan, 2017
  4. A gentle creature  by Anna Dykhno, Russian Federation, 2017
  5. Akado  by Kim Belov, Russian Federation, 2017
  6. August Sun Sol de Agosto by Franco Volpi, United Kingdom, 2018
  7. AYA  by Moufida Fedhila, Tunisia, 2017
  8. AZA  -Black and Blue-  by Hiroki Inoue, Japan, 2017
  9. Bird of Jannah  by Roberto Cancellara, Switzerland, 2018
  10. Bite Size Horror  by Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton, Toby Meakins, John William Ross, Andrew Laurich, Michael Thelin, Jerome Sable, Chris Leone, Jack Bishop, Justin Nijm, Rob Savage, United States, 2017
  11. Brazuca  by Faidon Gkretsikos, Greece, 2017
  12. Casting  by Katarzyna Iskra, Poland, 2017
  13. Departures Partenze by Nicolas Morganti Patrignani, Italy, 2018
  14. Difficult People Kashmakash by Sohil  Vaidya, United States, 2017
  15. Fucking Drama  by Michael Podogil, Austria, 2017
  16. Geoff  by Michael Rouse, Will Kenning, United Kingdom, 2017
  17. Gong!  by Giovanni Battista Origo, Italy, 2017
  18. Her bath. 그녀의 욕조 by Che-Won Park, Korea, Republic of, 2018
  19. IN PRINCIPIO  by Daniele Nicolosi, Italy, 2018
  20. It's Just a Gun  by Brian Robau, United States, 2017
  21. Je Suis (i am)  by Faith Strongheart, United States, 2017
  22. Keiu Miks sä saat olla keiu? by Juuli Linneo, Finland, 2018
  23. La Cura La Cura by Angelo Frezza, Italy, 2017
  24. Lambeth Lights  by Luca Bertoluzzi, United Kingdom, 2017
  25. Le Grand Remix  by Austin Alward, United States, 2018
  26. Lovebirds  by Martin Garde Abildgaard, France, 2017
  27. Maniera Greca  by Kirineos Papadimatos, Greece, 2017
  28. Mrs. Drake  by Caitlin Fitzgerald, United States, 2017
  29. Playground  by Cho-Ah Choi, Korea, Republic of, 2017
  30. Revolt Taghi by Koorosh Asgari, Iran, 2017
  31. Rincorrersi Rincorrersi by Federico Papagna, Italy, 2018
  32. Silent Campine  by Steffen Geypens, Belgium, 2017
  33. Something In The Darkness Hay algo en la oscuridad by Fran Casanova, Spain, 2017
  34. Taniel  by Garo Berberian, United Kingdom, 2018
  35. The Dachshund in a Picture Frame  (The Tale of a Commission) Такса в раме (История одного заказа) by Tatiana Skorlupkina, Russian Federation, 2018
  36. The Final Act of Joey Jumbler  by Harley Chamandy, Canada, 2017
  37. The Interview Il Colloquio by Massimo Ferrari, Italy, 2018
  38. The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith by Slobodan Maksimoviä‡, Slovenia, 2017
  39. the letter that anyone can't hear  by Lwa, Korea, Republic of, 2018
  40. The Moonshiners Salaviinanpolttajat by Juho Kuosmanen, Finland, 2017
  41. The Servants Les Serviteurs by Marwan Khneisser, France, 2017
  42. The T-Shirt La Camiseta by José Luis López Ortiz, Spain, 2018
  43. Truth Serum Serum istine by Dragan Pesikan, Serbia, 2017
  44. What Happened to Evie What Happened to Evie by Kate  Cheeseman, United Kingdom, 2018
  45. 21.   Satyagraha di Nuanda Sheridan ( Simona de  Simone ) Italia ,2017